Sejumlah Reaksi Masyarakat PNG atas Deportasi Benny Wenda dari Port Moresby

Lorna Terry This is what our so called government is so good at doing . We are all aware that they have never been for their people . So why would they be for WP? Our fellow Melanesia ? Their actions speak louder than any kundu garamut or bamboo pipes . Cowardless men with no spines . Worse than criminals . It is like they themselves own the country and we are common refugees with no say in the matter . They steal from us , they sell us out of our land , our minerals and our resources , they have slowly been raping our mother land of all her goodness, whoring it off to offshore companies and foreigners and does not give two fucks about its people and those neighborhood surrounding it . We do not need anymore proof of why they are so readily abled and willing to deport an innocent man out of the country without reason; when they themselves won’t lift a finger to ban a fugitive and the thief from hiding in PNG. Let alone sell off our birth right inch by inch while we standby and watch . shame ! shame ! shame ! May the blood of all innocent West Papuans be on your hands PM , your cronies and the Indonesian Government.

George Gauba If they want to deport Wenda then they must also deport all Indonesians and Asylum seekers back to their land!!!!! im sick and tired of the government excuses!!!!

Nigel Druven Sawanga I’m sorry west Papua ..but the truth is , PNG can’t do anything to help at the moment . Our military is weak and our government is corrupt, its all false hope ..but we’ll do our best to spread the word and pray someone comes to your aid soon. Always believe in the god that took Israelites out of Egypt.

Christine Lacey This is a bloody disgrace, when a man cant live in his own country, regardless of what the UN say, get rid of the UN maybe people will live a better life free of politics, and favouritism.

Gibson Simon By denying and Deporting Mr Wenda you are indirectly Promoting extermination of Fellow Melanesians and is Tatamount to Highest TREASON CMO!!! . Have you lost your Sense???How could you Put Money ahead of Precious souls that are Recklessly Murdered,Tortured ,raped and systematically Depopulated by the Indonesian military Junta. Since 1969. ???You are no different to a Murderer!! Hope you eat and sleep well as of the Moment Benny Wenda leaves his Land..To our West Papuan Brothers ,let this not Dampen our spirits , Ordinary PNG people supports this cause and are with you all , from Sorong to Samarai we are One People, one Graun, one tumbuna GOD Bless PNG, GOD Bless WEST PAPUA ..Merdeka Papua

Aboriginal Patron Wao’moni Thats messed up, a soon as he touches american soil he will lose his identity and be called an African-American….SMH the world dislike the original man!!! Power to the indigenous original man of the earth

Kaiku Freeman PM (O’NEILL), you made it clear that we Papua New Guineans are with West Papua and will fight for the rights of West Papuans and yet now what you are doing is totally different and its telling us the public that this is who you really is.. please stop it and think as a real Leader . he is your native brother so try do something best for your country.. Stop being a puppet all the time….!!! You Pussy…. !!!

M Steven Reoghberths How can we deport someone from his own motherland when we can allow yellow bellied fugitives in and out of our country at will? this not on. Perhaps it is now a question of the high ups knowing how they themselves originated. Their background indicates otherwise. All the reason why.

Martita Maima Block the road at Gordons so he’ll not get to Jacksons. O’Neill and his govt is doing a favor for Asians hey? C’mon O’Neill, you can’t do that

Ben Victor PNG, authourities are fuckin whores, they sell their families for cash.

Tunaefa Moafanua Omeli What a bunch of cowards these people are. Deport a native but kept these pigs killing their own people.

Danny Draper Come to Australia we’re used to Indonesia having the shits with us.

Tony Dundon How brave is Benny Wenda , Peter O’Neill PNG PM has deserted his brother from WPNG , uses excuse of no visa to bow to Indonesian wishes , wonder what the pay off is? Benny will be sent to Brisbane , let’s see how our government treats him, specially how Indonesia is treating Australia at the moment joki won’t even return abbots phone calls

Sambaiyok P Den i just felt something deep in my heart n my tears swept down my chicks when i saw mothers and sisters raped and tortured, fathers and brothers killed and operated like pigs. i just can’t hold back my breath, i for one i feel like helping myself with a ripple and go to fight for these our brothers and sisters from W. P….their colour skin is just like ours its just that the border that is separating the whole country otherwise we are all one. if this png government claims itself as a peoples government then why not do something for our west papuans who are in a genocide situation in the hands of these inhuman Indonesians..

Eddy Diro I feel guted and betrayed by our leaders The battle may have been won by those gutless soul less PNG Government officials but you never kill a spirit The greatest tragedy is to stay down when you get knocked below the belt and I Refuse to surrender and put up my flag to those cretans gutless kniving corrupt government officials and the pro Indonesia West Papua lobby led by Franz Albert Joking I live to fight another day until the morning star is raised on liberation day in West Papua. Freedom

Jason Jesse Simon What’s the reasons behind his deportation our very own PM was very vocal about the plight that was faced by our Family from the other side of the boarder so the Question is why in the world for such a person to be treated like a fugitive?

Susan Merton Im sorry but Oneil has sacked and appointed anyone in png govt bodies etc to benefit his own interest yet he couldnt do anything to stop Benny from been deported.Who is Oneils puppet master? I wonder.Where is the Solidarity mr Oneil?

Paul Madden The rest of the world is now starting to question whether PM Peter O’Neil is a tool of the evil Indonesian regime?

Geo Solien Indonesian govt have probably done a deal with Immigration. They are so corrupt. The PM and Foreign Minister are saying Benny can stay and immigration aren’t listening.

Trish Hunnam So…was the PNG Prime Minister telling porkies that Benny Wenda could stay in the country? Well he is a politician after all, and that’s what they excel in.

Lorraine Joy Foote I hope and pray our politicians were listening to the sermon at Malcolm Frasers funeral today. It was magnificent. Please listen if you can. Good word for those ignoring West Papua and there were lots of politicians there too.

Sejumlah Reaksi Masyarakat PNG atas Deportasi Benny Wenda dari Port Moresby was originally published on PAPUA MERDEKA! News

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