The Muslim occupation of West Papua after Dutch granted independence

The Muslim Issue, How often do we hear how “bad” colonialism was? Whether it is from India, Africa or Papua New Guinea and West Papua we are painted a nightmarish picture of the “wicked white man” who is described to have “destroyed” the countries they ruled. But facts are different to these exaggerated left wing fairy tales of division and racism so common amongst the liberals. They have painted the crusaders, the brave Christian army that sacrificed their own lives to save Europe from Muslim takeover, in the same light.

The story of colonialism is different from natives who actually lived under colonialism. Unlike popular claims by left wingers and their historians, colonialism did far more good than bad and offered protecting of territories from the Muslim threat and other external threats. Read here what happened when the Dutch ‘colonialists’ tried to return Papua to its own people and left the country:

The Dutch colonialists tried to give Papua New Guinea and West Papua their independence back to the natives. There was no wars or attacks on the ‘colonialists’ needed for it and the natives gained their island back by appealing to the UN. The Dutch perfectly willingly decided to give it back to the people.

Note also in the story below that the natives and tribals had been able to live freely, protected, and by their own choice and natural lives in their jungles without interferences from the Dutch at all. So much so that they did not even know much about Dutch rule of their own country until after the Dutch left – quite contrary to the claims left wing writers tend to paint the picture. This testimony is the same one can find in India where many native people did not even know their country had been under British rule because they had never even seen an English man, and never had any interferences from the English into their lives for over three hundred years.

To return independence to this island the Dutch tried to prepare them for the task to avoid a Muslim takeover from neighboring Indonesia. Unfortunately the natives did not listen, grasp or take serious the groundwork the Dutch tried to create for them. Like many colonial societies they benefited from the protection and rule colonialism had given them, and did not imagine things would change drastic without it. West Papua, like the Dutch feared, quickly fell into Muslim hands once they had left and the natives have been living under Muslim oppression, rape, arson, threats and mass murders ever since.

The Muslim occupation of West Papua after Dutch granted independence was originally published on PAPUA MERDEKA! News


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