Pacific appeal to the world’s conscience: West Papua Supports Fiji PM’s Speech at PIDF Summit

Pacific appeal to the world’s conscience is the theme that all Melanesian leaders should agree and promote. From West Papua, sharing with Papua New Guinea as the Second Largest Island on Earth, supports the efforts on limiting (global) temperature rise to 1.5 Degrees Centigrade as stated in ‘Suva Declaration on Climate Change’ which became a Pacific appeal to the world’s conscience.

From the Office of Gen. TRWP Mathias Wenda, as the Commander in Chief of the West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA), the Secretary-General Lt. Gen. Amunggut Tabi says,

West Papua issue is not just about human rights and security, regional stability and peace, it is more about out Melanesian future, the future of the South Pacific. We need to question ‘Where will we go, what are we Melanesians going to do when the sea level arises, when Western half of our Melaneisan-Island (New Guinea) is already occupied and taken over by Malayo-Indonesia?‘ and we need to be clever, speak for our own future generations. We have our independent nation-states, but our small-island states are under threat of global warming. We need to secure the Isle of New Guinea as our Island for our future generations.

Gen. Tabi also reiterates Gen. Wenda’s message that nobody from out there will become our day-time or night-time or morning-time saviors.  We must stand-up for ourselves and for our future generations, and we must stand up together, united as One Melanesian Family, under the umbrella of the ‘Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF)’. Gen. Tabi continues,

We cannot wait, and if we do, there will never be anybody from heavens or earth come to Melanesia to speak on our behalf and on behalf of our future generations. It is our own, primary duty as the parents to begin thinking and acting upon the call for world conscience.

This is why, the Draft Constitution of the Republic of West Papua says the primary goal of West Papua independence is not economic, social nor political one, but it is environmental, holistic one for the sake of Papuans and Melanesians as human society with all other beings that share our islands, waters and skies.

The two WPRA generals also calls on all Melanesian leaders to think more based on Melanesian Wisdom, Melanesian Philosophy and Melanesian Way of Dealing with life issues. They said,

We are rigt now dragged into thinking, talking and acting more for the sake of economic goals. We are dragged into the global modernisation project that sacrifices  our own way of living, way of thinking and way of doing things for our own survival and progress.

With the statement of the Fiji Prime Minister, Gen. Tabi expresses his gratitude, on behalf of West Papuan peoples and all communities of beings in the Isle of New Guinea, that this Melanesian wisdom should be fully supported by all Melanesian leaders, be guarded and promoted, not only for our Melanesia future, but also for the sake of life on this planet. Tabi says, Fiji Prime Minister already said we should,

“be an example for the world. Ironically, our efforts and our leadership will not just be for our benefit in the future, they will be for the benefit for the entire planet.”

Pacific appeal to the world’s conscience: West Papua Supports Fiji PM’s Speech at PIDF Summit was originally published on PAPUA MERDEKA! News


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