Benny Wenda documentary to screen on TV Down Under

The Road to Home, an award-winning feature length documentary about British-based West Papuan human rights campaigner Benny Wenda will be screening on Australian television from this November.

An agreement has been reached with SBS’s NITV channel for the film to screen 80 times over the next 3 years, starting from November 1.

Produced and directed by British filmmaker Dominic Brown, the film includes footage from Wenda’s first official overseas tour to the US, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea in 2013, and provides a rare insight into his campaigning work and family life.

Wenda was denied the opportunity to speak at New Zealand’s Parliament on that visit, but he is due back in New Zealand later this month.

He is expected to get a much warmer welcome this time as the West Papuan self-determination issue has had greater international exposure in the media in the past two years.

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