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West Papua Today Has a Revolutionary Constitution to Guard Independence Struggle

The West Papua Revolutionary Army, headquartered in Sandaun Provinsi, Papua New Guinea has releaed a “Constitution for West Papua Struggle” that it calles “UNdang-Undang Revolusi West Papua” (West Papua Revolution Constitution), signed by WPRA Commander in CHief, Gen. TRWP Mathias Wenda on 7 September 2013, and has taken into force on 13 September 2016.

According to media release in Malay-Indo version received by Papua Merdeka News (PNews) stated that this consitution is aimed at assisting the independence struggle for West Papua.

General Wenda clearly stated as follows

Yes, this constitution is not a West Papua Constitution as an independent State, but this is a Constitution for Revolution, in order that this West Papua Soil has its own laws that can counter the colonial laws being imposed on Papuan people and Papua Soil. We have own own laws that Indonesia must understand and finally obey. We have our laws that all independent fighters and organisations must learn and obey. We are not NGOs that are fighting against a colonial state with its laws. We are a sovereign nation-state that is waiting to be acknowledged by the International community, and law and order is the language of modern nation-states. We are now speaking in modern political language, to declare that West Papua now has a Law that governs our independence movement.

Furthermore Lt. Gen. Amunggut Tabi at the WPRA Secretariat-General Office stated that this constitution is presented to Papua National Parliament (PNWP) as the legislativ body in our struggle and the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) as the executive body of our independence movement, to consider and to issue sign to begin a new era of our independence movement.

Gen. Tabi stated,

We are now stepping into the song and melody of Melanesian and South Pacific countries, we are invited to play the same tune. We need to appear in our regional political arena as a Nation-State and as a Government in waiting. We have our people, we have our territorial boundaries, we have recognition from South Pacific countries, and therefore, we must step forward to respon to latest developments in the region by setting up a Nation-State and a National Government-in-Waiting (Transitional Government). This Revolutionary Constitution of Wset Papua a law for West Papua Transitional Government which should be organized soon by the ULMWP. And to get there, we need West Papua Parliament (PNWP) to approve and declare this constitution as the Constitution of West Papua Transitional Government.

Gen. Tabi elaborated further that West Papua should now organise herself into a “modern nation-state”. Foreign countries, with their politicians and diplomats, their leaders are playing a “wait and see” game. They agree West Papua should become a free and independent nation-state, but they are curious whether or not this 21-st nation-state is just the same as other Melanesian nation-sates? They are curious about what this new nation-state will bring to the regional stability and more importantly to climate change and global warming.

Gen. Tabi says

Yes, West Papua have the answer to regional needs today. West Papua adds values to our global needs in relation to global warming and climate change. We have the answer to how to make our South Pacific Region peaceful and harmonious, and we are the key towards a sustainable and harmonious New Guinea Island. We come with a full guarantee that New Guinea Island will be fully and legally protected as a Conservation Area, will fully implement the Kyoto-Protocols and other Internationally recognized Climate-Related agreements and conventions.

This is the key and critical time for life and living beings on this planet, and New Guinea Island is the most important contributor to the live on this planet Earth. West Papua is coming into this global political arena with a clear policy on the future of the Isle of New Guinea . This island is the  host of biggest bio-diversity on Earth and house to the second largest rain forests on Earth, with its famous tropical glaciers.

Gen. Wenda stated that West Papua is a nation-state with full understanding, awareness and concentration on climatic condition, and does not only consider economic and political benefits of West Papua independence as we are in a new era of politics and global policy.

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