PM, UN Christian Mission President Meet In New York

PMPress Office – The President of the Christian Mission for the United Nations Community, Dr Garry Allen yesterday, Monday 19th September, met with Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare, inspiring him about the difference between the politician and statesperson and the challenges to the latter.


The President of the Christian Mission for the United Nations Committee, Dr Allen, with Prime Minister Sogavare and the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Gold Ridge, Hon Tovosia and the Caucus Chairman, Hon Fiulaua after their meeting.

The meeting was held at the margin of the 71st United Nations General Assembly in New York, where Prime Minister Sogavare and other heads of governments and heads of states of UN member countries are in attendance.

Dr Allen said he is convinced that the statesperson uses the authority of his/her office to serve the welfare of the people, has vision to improve the society, is receptive to the work of God in peoples’ lives, is dependent on God and accountable to him, is willing to take political risks in order to do the right thing and relentlessly strives to achieve his/her national vision.

He said in contrary, the politician thinks only of the next election, thinks only about the success of his/her party and is satisfied to make a drift.

The President of the Christian Mission for the UN Community said people the world-over are pleading for their government officials to be visionary leaders who care about their welfare and the authority of the office they hold to help them reach their God-given potential, adding that the demand for and expectation for transparency and accountability are fuelling this movement.

Dr Allen said he believes that God has been very active in Solomon Islands because all Solomon Islands Government officials he has had the privilege of meeting over the last few decades were passionate about following God and fulfilling his mission on Earth.

He said he is available to serve Prime Minister Sogavare and all others in leadership positions in Solomon Islands, adding that he sees serving Solomon Islands as the opportunity to experience blessings that few other nations have had because of their willingness to obey God.

Prime Minister Sogavare in response acknowledged the words of inspiration from Dr Allen and told him of his personal experiences as a politician striving to ensure the implementation of policy intentions that he believes would bring about positive changes to the country in the face of political challenges.

He said he draws inspiration from King Solomon’s reliance on God for wisdom and guidance in his leadership over Israel and also acknowledgement of the fear of God as the beginning of wisdom.

Prime Minister Sogavare said after taking office for the third time in late 2014 as Solomon Islands Prime Minister, his office introduced a daily devotional programme as introduction to each new working day and this has been a great enlightenment to him and his staff.

Prime Minister Sogavare also said he would like to see Dr Allen visit Solomon Islands one day to fulfil his desire to serving Solomon Islanders in leadership position including himself.

Also present at the meeting were the Chairman of Government Caucus, Hon Jackson Fiulaua and Chairman of the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Gold Ridge, Hon Bradley Tovosia.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare today undertook Solomon Islands first engagement as Vice-President of the 71st United Nations General Assembly when he chaired the UN-OHRLLS dialogue on Climate Displacement and Dignity: Needs of the Most Vulnerable countries.

UN-OHRLLS stands for United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States.

“Climate Displacement as a growing issue faced by millions of people and its impacts can be felt at the international. Regional, national and sub-national levels

“As climate change disproportionately affects the socio-economic development of the most vulnerable countries in the world including LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS, climate-induced migration both within and across borders in those countries deserves immediate attention and effective response from the international community.

“Within this context, this meeting aims to share experiences and identify challenges faced by LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS in coping with climate displacement, and brainstorm on a strategy for a cohesive international approach across current international processes to protect climate displaced people,” the UN-OHRLLS stated.

Speaking after chairing the first UNGA dialogue, Prime Minister Sogavare said he was honoured to represent Solomon Islands in this important engagement and other UN engagements as well as other side-events that he will undertake during the course of this week in New York.

New York is 14 hours behind Solomon Islands.

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