Welcome West Papua Transitional Constitution Called “Undang-Undang Revolusi West Papua”

Papua Merdeka News (PMNews) welcomes the legal instrument for West Papua independence movement called “Undang-Undang Revolusi West Papua – UURWP” (or West Papua Revolution/ Transitional Constitution) that helps organise and establish legal basis for the struggle for Independence of West Papua as a sovereign nation-state in near future.

After being proposed by various organisations fighting for West Papua independence, including proposal from the West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) as mentioned previously, the West Papua National Parliament (Nieuw Guinea Raad) Chairperson, Buchtar Tabuni has released a what the PNWP Calls “Undang-Undang Revolusi West Papua” (UURWP) that has taken into force since the day it is passed by the parliament.

Since 13 September 2016 the Revolutionary Constitution by WPRA has taken into force, and since 19 September 2016 the same constitution is legally endorsed by West Papua National Parliament and has taken into force on the same day of its signing by the Parliament Chairperson

There is only one task as the order of the Constitution to be carried out right now, according to the PNWP office, i.e., the formation of West Papua Provisional Government or West Papua Transitional Government based on the Constitution that has been issued by the parliament.

According to the constitution, three months (30) days have been given by the constitution (1) for West Papua National Parliament to Legally Sign the Constitution and (2) for the Parliament to order the ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) as the political/executive body to form a West Papua Transitional Government. Only within days, PNWP has signed the Constitution, which means it remains one more mandate to be fulfilled by the ULMWP, i.e., to form the provisional government.

According to the Secretariat-General of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA), and the office of West Papua National Parliament,

It is important to notice that the Constitution Officially Declares “Tok Pisin” as the Official Language of West Papua Revolution.

From the Collective Editorial Board of West Papua Online News Group,

We Welcome the West Papua Revolution Constitution,

the legal basis that will lead the United Liberation Movement for West Papua to form a Transitional Government, a constitution that will guard the West Papua Independence Movement, until Indonesia colonial power is out from Melanesian soil.

Welcome West Papua Transitional Constitution Called “Undang-Undang Revolusi West Papua” was originally published on PAPUAPost.com


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