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Gen. Wenda: West Papua is Ready to Function as a Postmodern Nation-State

Following the signing of West Papua Revolution Constitution by the West Papua National Parliament in September 2016, Gen. TRWP Mathias Wenda urges United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) to follow it up according to the order of the constitution that says,

“ULMWP shall  form a Transitional Government or Revolutionary Government or Provisional Government of West Papua within 90 days after the constitution takes into force”.

It is important for all Melanesian leaders and tribal elders to understand, that I myself as an elder, would like to invite all Melanesian elders to pray for us in West Papua so that ULMWP has the ability and bravery to declare a “West Papua Provisional Government” not long from now. This is important in order for us Melanesian leaders and for the ULMWP to have a stronger position within international law in our South Pacific Region.

By declaring our West Papua Revolutionary Constitution (WPRC) on 13 September 2016, on the day we celebrated the 9th anniversary of UN Declarations on Indigenous Populations that was passed by the UNGA on the 61-session dated 13 September 2007. The UN Declaration on Indigenous Populations, particularly on Article 3.  clearly stipulates

Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they  freely  determine  their  political  status  and  freely  pursue  their  economic,  social  and cultural development.

All UN Documents and primarily UN Charter clearly guarantees the rights of all human society in the world, individuals and groups to determine their/our future. And what we Melanesians are doing now in West Papua is just in accordance to these principles, in order to implement the basic values of the United Nations and to appreciate our human civilization that have rejected any forms of slavery and colonization with any reason.

West Papuans are fighting against Indonesian colonialism not because we hate the Malay – Indos.

What we are doing is to respect the values and principles of the UN and to end manipulation and lies that have been colonizing and suppressing, terrorizing and obliterating Melanesian peoples all the way from Fiji to Sorong.

West Papua was invaded militarily beginning from the December 19th, 1961’s Triple Command of Indonesian President. The Western World was not interested in taking risk of Communism expanding to South Pacific region after failure to defeat communist influence in South East Asia, particularly Vietnam and Indonesia.

We human beings in this planet have said “Good Bye” to Communism. The threat from Russia is no longer to do with communism anymore. The eastern block is now already part of our human history. And yet, the impacts of the Cold War Era is still disturbing and deadly to Melanesians in West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Kanaky. Papua New Guinea and Fiji have been reluctant lately, to acknowledge us West Papuans as one race, wan solwara, wan graun and wantok, not based on their choice, but they are presented day and night, back and forth, by forces and threats from outside Melanesia, pressuring them to accept whatever happened in the past and its consequences, however insulting and deadly it is to our race as human beings.

Only until June 26, 2015 that we all Melanesians have declared our dignity and integrity as human race on this planet, on the South Pacific Region, that Melanesians are all  united as one race and one family under our house called MSG. We indeed acknowledged the reality of God’s creation that we are created as Melanesians, not as Indonesians. What we are doing is God’s will, based on the laws and principles of God from creation. West Papuans are not Indonesians, we are Melanesians, and this is according to what God has created. Let us agree with God and work towards social-engineering projects being actively and massively, with a lot of resources being executed in West Papua since 1961.

Right now, since 13 September 2016, West Papuans now already have a Constitution that will guide us towards a free and independent West Papua. We invite all Melanesian leaders to understand and cooperate, in order to promote a United Melanesia that is based upon the Values and Norms, Customs and Traditions of Melanesian peoples that we inherited from our ancestors.

This very Provisional Constitution of West Papua clearly states that the citizens of West Papua Nation-State are (1) spiritual beings, (2) plants, (3) animals, (4) matter and human beings who live and share the Western half of the Isle of New Guinea. This constitution is based upon Melanesian values and philosophy, that acknowledges the existence and rights of all communities of beings, including human beings, regard all communities of beings as part of our life, see the forests as our homes, see the animals as our fellow beings, see the spirits of the living and of our ancestors nurtures our lives, honour and worship God in His Spirit, and respect and protect the rights of matters like rivers, gold, timber, soil as fellow beings that should be respected and treated accordingly.

This very Provisional Constitution of West Papua also states that the National or Official Language of West Papua nation-state is Tok-Pisin and the National Currency is Kina West Papua.

We are standing based on our Melanesian norms, values and philosophy, and following our Melanesian brothers and sisters today who already have their independent nation-states. We are going to have our National Government soon, because we already have our National Parliament and Our National Law in place.

As the Commander in Chief of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) and as the Elder of my own Lani Triba, I would like to invited the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Rt. Hon.  Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Fiji, Rt. Hon. Leader of FLNKS, and Leaders of ULMWP that

  1. We fully trust and rely on you all, and look forward to what the future brings from your kind wisdom and leadership in liberating our occupied land by Melayo – Indonesians;
  2. We look forward to sit and stand-up, talk and work together hand-in-hand to fully liberate West Papua from colonialism.
  3. West Papua is the westernmost part of Melanesia, and without West Papua, our own entity as a human race is not complete and we are socially and culturally paralyzed. West Papua independence is per-requisite towards a stable, peaceful, prosperous and powerful Melanesia. Those who against West Papua independence are the ones  who want to colonize, manipulate and exploit our Melanesian race and our resources, of course for their own sake not for us Melanesians.

West Papua is our hope for our future. We are looking forward to establish a post-modern nation-state that is based fully on our Melanesian wisdom, based on our Melanesian norms and values, and our system of governance.

We are ready to step into running West Papua Government that will coordinate and organise our movement towards full independence and sovereignty.

Please receive our warmest greetings and salute,  from the jungles o New Guinea.


Issued at: The Central Defense Headquarters of the West Papua Revolutionary Army

On date: 10 October 2016


Commander in Chief of WPRA




Mathias Wenda, Gen. TRWP

Gen. Wenda: West Papua is Ready to Function as a Postmodern Nation-State was originally published on PAPUAPost.com

Momentum dekolonisasi Pasifik dorong Gutterres bersikap?

Aksi pengucapan syukur KNPB kepada tujuh negara Pasifik yang membawa masalah Papua ke Majelis Umum PBB (19/9/2016) - Jubi/Zely Ariane

Aksi pengucapan syukur KNPB kepada tujuh negara Pasifik yang membawa masalah Papua ke Majelis Umum PBB (19/9/2016) – Jubi/Zely Ariane

Jayapura, Jubi – Atmosfer dekolonisasi di Pasifik dan dorongan pemerintah serta masyarakat sipil Kepulauan Pasifik terhadap status politik Papua menjadi momentum penting yang berkemungkinan mendorong Sekretaris Jenderal PBB yang baru, Antonio Gutterres untuk bersikap.

Dr. Cammi Webb-Gannon, pemerhati West Papua dari Universitas Sydney, mengatakan tingkat pendiskusian terkait penentuan nasib sendiri dan hak azasi manusia West Papua di Sidang PBB bulan lalu merefleksikan momentum baru menuju dekolonisasi Pasifik.

Peran Perdana Menteri Manasseh Sogavare sebagai ketua MSG dan perdana Menteri Kepulauan Solomon patut dicatat sebagai faktor pendorong penting dalam proses itu, demikian menurut Dr Webb-Gannon seperti dilansir RNZI, Selasa (18/10/2016).

“TIdak saja Sogavare sudah mendorong bertambahnya negara Pasifik berbicara terkait West Papua di Majelis Umum PBB, tetapi dia juga berusaha agar isu tersebut dibawa hingga ke komite dekolonisasi PBB,” ujarnya.

Inilah kali pertama setelah puluhan tahun, lanjutnya, rakyat West Papua berhasil membawa persoalan mereka sampai ke radar internasional, “dan hal itu dimungkinkan karena kerja luar biasa yang dilakukan oleh negeri-negeri Pasifik,” ungkap Webb.

Sementara wakil United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) di Pasifik, Akouboo Amatus Douw, menanggapi terpilihnya Antonio Gutterres sebagai Sekretaris Jenderal PBB yang baru, berharap Gutterres dapat membantu rakyat Papua memfasilitasi ajakan tujuh negara Pasifik di sidang umum PBB lalu untuk menginvestigasi dugaan pelanggaran HAM di Papua.

Terkait jasa Gutterres, mantan PM Portugal terhadap kemerdekaan Timor Leste, Douw menilai hal itu memang menguntungkan Timor Leste, namun menurut dia, Belanda tidak memenuhi kewajiban moralnya terhadap rakyat Papua seperti yang dilakukan Portugal.

Douw mencatat peran Gutterres selagi dia masih memimpin UNHCR. Menurut Douw UNHCR telah memberikan bantuan hukum dan kemanusiaan kepada lebih dari 10,000 pengungsi West Papua di PNG.

“Estimasi kasar saya sekitar 30,000 pengungsi politik Papua diseluruh dunia saat ini, termasuk saya,” kata Douw.

Alasan utama orang-orang Papua meninggalkan Papua, lanjutnya, akibat penyangkalan hak atas penentuan nasib sendiri di negerinya.

“Saya punya pikiran positif terkait prioritas Gutterres untuk ikut mengatasi masalah kami,” tegasnya.(*)

Momentum dekolonisasi Pasifik dorong Gutterres bersikap? was originally published on PAPUAPost.com