Declaration of Indonesia People’s Front for West Papua

To: Out Friends, Printed and Electronic Media


Since Indonesia went into West Papua in 1961, the suffering of the Papuan people has been continuing under Indonesia’s colonialism. Manipulation of history was carried out sistematically by the Indonesian government. The root of the prolem in West Papua is the manipulation of history.

In 1969, an Act of Free Choice, referendum to determine whether West Papua will join Indonesia was carried out with full of lies. Therefore, the outcome of the referendum is unjustifiable.

Narrow nationalism with a jargon such as “NKRI is a final price” has killed many West Papuan peoples. Thousands has been killed, tortured, kidnapped by the state. Land grabbing has been happening everywhere. Repression against freedom of expression and conscise towards West Papuan peoples has ben on of the worst in this country.

Therefore, we the Indonesian peoples think that it is already time for West Papua to determine her future by herself on their own land.

For this purpose, we intend to encourage and invite all our media friends to broadcast our “Declaration of Indonesia People’s Front for West Papua” through this Press Conference that will be held:

Day and Date: Tuesday, 29 November 2016
Time: 10:30 – the end
Place: Flor 1, LBH Building Jakarta
Jalan Diponegoro No. 74 Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

For further information, please contact Surya Anta (081574304391). For your attention and cooperation, we thank you.

Jakarta, 28 November 2016


Front Rakyat Indonesia untuk West Papua

  • Original text in Malayo – Indos: HERE
  • Translation by: PMNews CEB

Declaration of Indonesia People’s Front for West Papua was originally published on


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