Call out for action over Indonesia

Anthony Craig is a man who is passionate about many issues local, national and international.

His advocacy on behalf of the people of West Papua, the Indonesian section of the island of New Guinea has led him be announced as new leader of The Free West Papua Party of Australia.

On taking the role Mr Craig reaffirmed the party’s commitment to raise awareness of the human rights violations occurring just 200 kilometres north of Australia.

Mr Craig sent a letter out last week to a group of recipients that included the Prime Minister, the head of the Australian defence forces and a foreign embassy.

In the letter Mr Craig wrote strongly suggesting that the Australian Government’s training of the Indonesian military and police is a war crime under international and Australian Law based on what has happened in West Papua and East Timor.

“What the Indonesian military and police are doing is slow motion genocide,” Mr Craig said.

Australia and Indonesia’s military training exercises were in the spotlight last week for a different reason with military ties between the two countries strained after the Indonesian military Chief took offence at curriculum taught at a Perth army base.

Mr Craig went to West Papua in 2015 and spoke with people living under the Indonesian rule including church leaders who told of the slaughter of local population.

“The evidence is there,” Mr Craig said but the media is not getting it out for the public to see nor are the Australia’s politicians doing anything about it.

“None of the major parties, including the Greens, are talking about it.”

This is why The Free West Papua Party of Australia was established Mr Craig said.

Paul Madden, the outgoing leader of the aspiring political party said Mr Craig had performed an excellent job as the Party’s Foreign Affairs Spokesperson and he now looked forward to supporting Mr Craig as the new party leader.

“Anthony Craig has been a leading advocate for West Papuan human rights and freedom for many years.

“He was one of the first members of the Free West Papua Party of Australia and has been a passionate loyal supporter since the beginning.

“Anthony was the natural choice to take over the leadership of the Party.”

The Free West Papua Party of Australia has some 350 members.

It needs at least 550 members to register as a political party and increase its pressure on the Australia Government, Mr Craig said.

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