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Australia PM ino bringim ap West Papua heve long Indonesia President

Radio Australia – Updated 28 February 2017, 13:21 AEDT
Ol pipal blong West Papua itok oli wari tru long pasin em Australian Praim Minista Malcolm Turnbull ino bin toktok wantaim President Joko Widodo long ol human rights isiu long West Papua.
Tupela lida wantaim ibin tokaut long gutpela wokporoman blong kantri blong tupela bihain long wokabaut blong Predisent Widodo long Australia long wiken.
Mr Turnbull i tok Australia bai respektim ol internal affairs blong Indonesia olsem ol ibin tok oraet longen aninit long Lombok Treaty.
Ronny Kareni emi wanpla West Papua Activist long Australia i tok oli wari olsem toktok blong Praim Minista Turnbull bai mean olsem Australia bai no toktok long ol wari blong ol Melanesian pipol blong West Papua.
Ol i sutim tok long Indonesia long bagarapim na kilim dai planti handred tausan pipol blong West Papua.
long Sande ol pipal blong West Papua na ol sapota blong ol ibin mekim protest mas long Sydney, na taste ol protes ibin gohet long Western Australia na tu long Northern Territori long sapotim ol pipal blong West Papua.

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Tonga’s Pohiva survives no confidence vote

RadioANZ – Efforts by Tonga’s nobles to remove Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva have failed.

The nobles, with some support from independents in the parliament, could muster just ten votes to the 14 in support of the prime minister.

One member of cabinet, Aisake Eke, the Finance Minister abstained.

Mr Pohiva, the first commoner elected to lead the country, has been prime minister for just over two years.

Tongan Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva.

Tongan Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva. Photo: RNZI/Alex Perrottet

The country’s nobles have been leading a campaign to remove him, but Mr Pohiva said their complaints had no basis.

Meanwhile it has been reported that Lord Ma’afu, who is a member of Mr Pohiva’s government, has been abandoned by the country’s other nobles.

The Kaniva Tonga website reported the other 32 nobles had signed an agreement to ostracise Lord Ma’afu.

They had also said that if they succeeded in ousting Mr Pohiva they would not have given a ministerial role to Lord Ma’afu.

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