Gen. WPRA Mathias Wenda: Lucifer and Freeport are One Clan, Both Must go to Hell

Indonesia and Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold Inc. has been very busy in recent years and months in relation with their differences in Freeport McMoran mining operations in West Papua that started in April 1967, two years ahead of the so-called fraudulent Act of Free Choice that given the right to Indonesia to occupy and benefit from her rich natureal resources.

Right now we are entering into 50 years of operations, and Indonesia starts to show its teeth, that it is not a baby anymore, it can bite its own food, no need its mother “USA” to feed. It has strong support from Russia at this very moment, and therefore, no USA involvement will be alright.

Indonesia is preparing its own national company to take over the mining operations in West Papua.

Papua Merdeka News (PMNews) asked by phone what Gen. WPRA Mathias Wenda is proposing in this kind of situation. PMNews expected Gen. Wenda to give his opinions on the latest developments, however, he simply repined,

Lucifer and Freeport are One Clan, Both Must go to Hell. Those who want to become part of it, who want to get something about from them, or from the current development, all will go to hell as well. West Papua as a state has no goal of building a prosperous and modern West Papua society, but we want our country to be based on our inheritted tribal wisdom, in order to nurture what we have, and to promote harmony among beings. This is far more important, very spiritual, and has long-term impacts rather than just talking about human affairs such as justice, peace, prosperity, security, and so on.

The root of money is the root of all sins, and Freeport and Indonesia are talking about money. Let us West Papuans get out from it, because we want to go to heaven, not to hell.

PMNews wanted to get more clear statement on the mining operations, whether or not WPRA would support any of the party if they wanted to meet him and talk about the future of the mining in the territory of hWest Papua that he had been fighting for since the last 40 years. Gen. Wenda repeated,

I told you. All those who love money, those who talk about money are the family of the lust, from the clan of the evil, who are heading towards a place called “hell”. I am fighting for peace and harmony, I do not want to be in their “hel”, so I will not answer your question as you want me to answer.

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