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OPM / ULMWP Final Declaration

“I as the founder of the Free West Papua Movement or Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM) want to acknowledge and support the United Liberation Movement of West Papua that it is a political organisation that carries the spirit of OPM that will continue the struggle and fulfill its final mission, which is establishing the full independence and sovereign Republic of West Papua.”

Faces of West Papua struggle from left to right: Andy Ayamiseba, Benny Wenda, Barak Sope, Rex Rumakiek, and Paula Makabory pose with final declarations

Faces of West Papua struggle from left to right: Andy Ayamiseba, Benny Wenda, Barak Sope, Rex Rumakiek, and Paula Makabory pose with final declarations

The statement has been sent by Jacob (Yakob) Prai from his home away from home in Sweden on December 28 of 2017, after meeting the Chairman of ULMWP, Benny Wenda.

The statement under official OPM letterhead states, “Therefore, in the name of God, this holy struggle, the ancestors of Papua, all our fallen heroes, the tears and suffering of the people of West Papua that continue to struggle from the jungles of New Guinea, mountains, valleys, islands, prisons, refugee camps as well as all those who live in exile in many parts of the world, that I as the leader of OPM and the founder of the struggle of free Papua, fully support and give full mandate to Mr. Benny Wenda as the leader of ULMWP and the political wing of OPM, to carry out the task as the leader of the nation of Papua.

“I thank the leaders and the people of West Papua, I hope that this recognition serves as a guideline to free the nation of Papua from Indonesian colonialism.”

His statement has received unanimous endorsement by the ULMWP Executive in the lobby of the Grand Hotel in Port Vila.

In a separate statement to support Jacob Prai’s historic confirmation of support for ULMWP, Executive members Andy Ayamiseba (for Legal CounseL) and Rex Rumakiek (for National Liberation Army of WP) declare, “We, the undersigned senior members of the independence movement of West Papua, the OPM recognise the importance of national unity in our struggle for independence.

“We also recognise the role undertaken by respected leaders of Vanuatu to bring about unity in the West Papuan struggle.

“Two national leaders in particular need commendation.

“They are the current Deputy Prime Minister, Honourable Joe Natuman and former Prime Minister Barak Maautamate Sope.”

The statement reminds the world about how West Papua’s first application to join MSG was deferred on the grounds that the movement lacked broad based support.

Deputy Prime Minister Natuman requested the formation of a West Papua Unification Committe that brought together West Papua leaders to Vanuatu where the Saralana Declaration of Unity was signed by all representatives of West Papua factions present.

Another historical leader, Barak Maautamate Sope has a long history of uniting different factions of the West Papua independence movement. In 1985 he invited two key leaders of OPM, Jacob Prai and (now deceased) Brigedier General Seth Rumkorem led by (now deceased) Theys Elluay, to Vanuatu where they signed a memorandum of understanding to work together. In 2000 he (then Prime Minister Barak Sope) included the two groups in his delegation to the United Nations Millennium Summit in New York. The Vanuatu Mission at the UN also facilitated an audience with the Decolonization Committee of 24.

The signing ceremony of the Port Vila Declaration was also witnessed by Andy Ayamiseba and Rex Rumakiek, who also signed the ‘Statement in support of Mr. Jacob Prai on his recognition and support for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua‘.

Barak Sope also graced the signing ceremony at the Grand Hotel.

Asked to update the readers on what it was that prompted him and the late Father Walter Lini and other leaders of the Independence Struggle to take the stand that they took, he said the colonial history of all Pacific Islands were similar – cruel. “This is why Father Lini and all of us declared that Vanuatu would not be completely free until West Papua was free because today it is still colonised by Indonesia,” Sope says.

He criticizes Australia and Indonesia for alleged human rights abuse on West Papuans. “East Timor was the same and Vanuatu stood firmly for the freedom of the Timorese. Last year my wife and I were invited to Dili by the President of East Timor who awarded me the Order of East Timor for Vanuatu’s stand with its people for their freedom,” he says,

In addition he says Portugual had colonised East Timor and later Indonesia annexed it until under international outcry, it gave in to its freedom. Now Indonesia is doing exactly the same thing to West Papua.

When Sope was secretary general of the Vanua’aku Pati and Secretary of Foreign Affairs, he was mandated by Father Lini to unify FLNKS of New Caledonia and West Papua. “Now FLNKS is a member of MSG and yet, all the processes were done even before MSG was born. To get Prai and Rumkorem to come together, I had to travel to Europe to invite them to come to Vanuatu along with Brother Andy and Brother Rex,” he recalls.

He says Prai and Rumkorem were afraid of each other but at the end of it all, they agreed to unite and the Port Vila Declaration was signed at his family home on Ifira in 1985. “So today I am proud to know that Jacob Prai and the miltary arm of West Papua have agreed to become one with ULMWP,” Sope concludes.

ULMWP leaders say its endorsement signals their final declaration ending approximately 50 years of independence struggle as they prepare to attend the Melanesian Spearhead Group Meeting in Port Moresby next week, to hear the outcome of their application for full membership to join MSG. In fact they have already left and VCC representative Job Dalesa confirms the Chairman of ULMWP, Benny Wenda and Octavianus Mote have been allowed to attend the MSG meeting next week.

Meanwhile Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ralph Regenvanu says as far as he was aware on Tuesday this week, West Papua was not on the MSG proposed agenda.

He has since written to the relevant authorities to make sure that West Papua is included, and promised to follow up on the issue with a phone call to his Papua New Guinea counterpart yesterday afternoon.

The Minister says after three o’clock yesterday afternoon that he was not able to get through to his PNG counterpart on the phone but that he has written to the MSG hosts to remind them to make sure that West Papua is on the agenda. “I am leaving for PNG tomorrow (today) and I will make sure that West Papua is included on the agenda”, he concludes.

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Yang Menghambat Papua Merdeka BUKAN NKRI! tetapi Orang Papua Sendiri!

Menangggapi perkembangan terakhir dalam perjuangan Papua Merdeka, dari Markas Pusat Pertahanan Tentara Revolusi West Papua (TRWP), Gen. TRWP Mathias Wenda lewat Sekretaris-Jenderal TRWP Lt. Gen. Amunggut Tabi mengatakan pada saat ini yang menjadi penghambat kemerdekaan West Papua bukan NKRI, tetapi orang Papua sendiri.

Berikut petikan wawancara.

Papua Merdeka News (PMNews): Selamat siang. Kami mau tanya tentang pendapat TRWP tentang perkembangan perjuangan Papua Merdeka.

Amunggut Tabi (TRWP): Selamat siang. Perkembangan Papua Merdeka dari sisi posisi dan tindakan NKRI sudah mantap, dan sangat mendukung perjuangan Papua Merdeka. Yang menjadi penghambat sekarnag justru orang Papua sendiri, justru organisasi yang katanya memperjuangkan Papua Merdeka. Mereka yang bicara Papua Merdeka yang justru menjadi penghambat Papua Merdeka.

PMNews: Apakah bisa disebutkan nama-nama oknum atau organisasi penghamabt Papua Merdeka dimaksud?

TRWP: Menurut Komando dari Panglima Tertinggi Komando Revolusi TRWP, kami tidak punya perintah untuk menyebut nama-nama oknum ataupun organisaasi yang dianggap sebagai penghambat perjuangan Papua Merdeka.

TRWP sudah punya posisi jelas, dengan struktur dan menejemen organisasi militer yang jelas dan prinsip dan komando militer yang jelas memerintahkan kepada semua perwira tinggi dan menengah di kalangan TRWP untuk BERHENTI menceritakan sesama pejuang Papua Merdeka, sesama organisasi yang berjuang untuk Papua Merdeka.

Gen. TRWP Mathias Wenda sudah berkali-kali dalam Upacara militer maupun upacara adat mengatakan bahwa pekerjaan pertama dari seluruh tentara di medan revolusi West Papua ialah menghentikan “kecurigaan” dan mematikan “gosip” yang merusak dan membusukkan sesama organisasi ataupun sesama tokoh perjuangan Papua Merdeka.

PMNews: Kalau ada orang Papua dan organisasi yang menghambat Papua Merdeka, maka apa yang harus kita lakukan terkait perintah Panglima Tertinggi Komando Revolusi seperti itu?

TRWP: Berdasarkan perintah ini, masalahnya sederhana dan jelas. Pertama, kami diperintahkan untuk BERHENTI mencurigai sesama oknum dan organisasi pejuangan Papua Merdeka. Dan kedua jelas, kita diperintahkan untuk berhenti menggosip dan / atau menceritakan tentang sesama tokoh dan organisasi perjuangan Papua Merdeka.

Dengan kata lain, Panglima Komando Revolusi TRWP mengatakan berhenti mencurigai dan menggosip. Setelah itu baru berbicara tentang apa yang hendak dikerjakan oleh ULMWP.

PMNews: Ada gosip baru-baru ini mengemuka di mana ada beberapa KODAP TPN PB atau TPN/OPM serta organisasi seperti Aliansi Mahasiswa Papua (AMP) lewat Ketua Umumnya tidak mau bergabung dengan ULMWP, dan mengisyukan akan kembali kepada Proklamasi 1 Juli 1971 dan OPM. Bagaimana sikap TRWP?

TRWP: Nah, ini kan gosip! Kalau Gosip apa gunannya kami tanggapi?

PMNews: Nampak seperti gosip. Kami setuju. Tetapi bagaimana kalau ada orang Papua, mungkin di dalam tubuh ULMWP sendiri yang menggugat dan mengatakan OPM dan Proklamasi 1 Juli 1971 harus berdiri sebagai langkah untuk memulihkan aspirasi murni Papua Merdeka?

TRWP: OPM 1 Juli dan OPM 1 Desember, TPN/OPM, TPN PB, TPN Marvic, Pemka TEPENAL semua bersatu dalam WPNCL, NRFPB, PNWP. Setelah itu tidak ada lagi OPM 1 Juli, OPM murni, OPM kotor, OPM sayap kanan, OPM sayap kiri, OPM dengan embel-embel tidak ada lagi.

Yang jelas hari ini ialah OPM NKRI dan OPM Papua Medeka, di mana OPM NKRI pasti bertindak untuk menghambat kemerdekaan West Papua dan OPM Papua Merdeka dalam ULMWP bertujuan kemerdekaan West Papua di luar NKRI.

Jadi, siapa saja, orang mana saja, di mana saja, yang bicara seperti AMP keluar dari ULMWP, KODAP TPN di wilayah tertentu mencabut diri dari ULMWP dengan alasan mau lakukan konsolidasi atau alasan apapun, dan sebagainya adalah bukti nyata hari ini yang menunjukkan siapa pendukung Papua Merdeka dan siapa penghambat Papua Merdeka.

Kita tidak usah menuduh sebagai agen siapa-siapa, tetapi kita harus jelas melihat dan menilai, siapa pendukung dan siapa penghambat Papua Merdeka, di luar daripada lembaga dan organisasi buatan NKRI.

PMNews: Rupanya TRWP sudah punya data tentang siapa penghambat Papua Merdeka?

TRWP: Pokoknya siapa saja, atas nama apa saja, yang bilang seperti kalimat di atas, mengaku diri OPM asli, OPM 1 Juli, OPM murni, dan sebagainya ialah penipu dan penghianat. Kita harus jelas dan tegas tentang hal ini.

PMNews: Bagaimana kalau pernyataan ini datang dari orang-orang di dalam ULMWP sendiri?

TRWP: ULMWP itu lembaga politik untuk diplomasi Papu Merdeka, bertugas melakukan berbagai lobi politik untuk kemerdekaan West Papua. Oleh karena itu siapa saja, oknum atau organisasi yang menentang ULMWP atau menganggap ULMWP tidak murni, atau meremehkan ULMWP dan menggunakan alasan lain untuk melemahkan ULMWP adalah murni lawan Papua Merdeka, bertujuan menghambat perjuangan Papua Merdeka, dan karena itu harus disikapi dengan jelas oleh semua orang Papua yang mau Papu Merdeka, terlepas dari NKRI.

Jadi, kalau ada orang, oknum, entah itu tokoh atau anggota dari ULMWP yang menganggap ULMWP tidak mewakili Papua Merdeka, maka itu adalah wakil dan agen NKRI yang bertujuan menghambat Papua Merdeka.

PMNews: Tidak bisa menyebutkan siapa atua organisasi mana?

TRWP: Menyebut dan menyudutkan dan mencurigai itu cara lama. Kita buang cara itu. Kita tinggalkan cara itu. Kita semua saling percaya! Semua pihak adalah teman kita dalam Papua Merdeka.

Semua orang Papua mau merdeka! Semua organisasi bertujuan untuk Papua Merdeka.

Sudah berulang-ualng TRWP katakan lewat PMNews ini, bahwa yang menghambat Papua Merdeka bukan oknum, bukan organisasi, tetapi adalah “egoisme”, yaitu ego pribadi orang-orang Papua dan ego kelompok perjuangan Papua Merdeka. “Ego” adalah musuh utama dan pertama dari kita semua, bukan NKRI.

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