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Calls for resignation of Fiji’s UN Ambassador

RadioNZ – Fiji’s opposition SODELPA party has called for the resignation of the Fijian ambassador to the United Nations, Nazhat Shameem, after she described the past protections of the rights of indigenous Fijians as institutionalised racism.

Ambassador Shameem’s comments were part of an address to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on the 1st of March.

In her comments she said, “Racism was institutionalised in Fiji to such an extent that it instilled a ‘privileged caste’.”

“Rights of the majority in a democracy whether indigenous or not must not be used to suppress the rights of the minority and vulnerable communities,” she also said.

The SODELPA vice president, MP Ro Kiniviliame Kiliraki says Ambassador Shameem’s comments were misguided and smacked of prejudice.

He said they amounted to a deliberate misunderstanding of the grievances of the indigenous community in Fiji and were contrary to international law on the rights of indigenous peoples.

“She should retract that statement. In fact we are calling for her resignation. It is out of line as far as Fiji is concerned. It is an insult to the indigenous people. And at that level, she shouldn’t be there.”

Calls for resignation of Fiji’s UN Ambassador was originally published on PAPUAPost.com


West Papua bai nonap kamap Full Memba blong MSG inap PNG na Fiji i oraitim

United Liberation Movement for West Papua bai em i nonap kamap full memba blong Melanesian Spearhead Group inap long ogeta 5-pela full memba nau ia i wanbel longen.

 Wamena protest march long West Papua long December (FWCP photo)
Dispela toktok i stap insait long mama agriment we i setim ap MSG we i tok olgeta lida imas gat consensus oa wanbel longen.
Solomon Islands, Vanuatu na ol FLNKS blong New Caledonia i laik long West Papua we i nau gat Observer status tasol, long kamap olsem full memba long MSG.
Tupela narapela memba, Papua New Guinea na Fiji ino wanbel long West Papua i kamap full memba.
Praim Minista blong Vanuatu Charlot Salwai na FLNKS Lida Victor Tutugoro ibin toktok long dispela isiu wantaim  Chairman blong MSG, Solomon Islands Praim Minista Manasseh Sogavare long Port Vila dispela wik.
Mr Sogavare i nau wok long raun igo long toktok wantaim ol MSG lida.

West Papua bai nonap kamap Full Memba blong MSG inap PNG na Fiji i oraitim was originally published on PAPUAPost.com