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Focus on What You Can Do and What You Should Do

Get distracted by side-events or non-elemental aspects of a game is always disastrous for a soccer team, particularly for a striker or a goal-keeper when facing the ball in the foot or in front of the goal-keeper. Stickers should forget anything and everything else, and focus only on the “ball”, when they are in the field, and particularly the ball is already in their foot. Goal-keepers also do that, they anticipate anything and everything that can happen with the ball, and focus on the ball itself rather than the striker himself.

Concentration and focus become key elements in a soccer-player when it comes to the point where the player must decide at what second and with what move he should strike to score.

Just imagine if a striker and goal-keeper start complaining about how one of his colleagues performed in the field and began demanding that fellow player to perform better or follow the way he wants him to play. Imagine when the ball is already on the strikers’ foot, but the goal keeper is still complaining about his friend who miss-kicked the ball a few minutes before.

Many West Papuans are just doing the opposite of what we should be doing right now. We are now engaged in our own internal battles, unnecessary battles to do with who should lead our organisation, who should hold particular positions within the ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua), not on what we should do with the “ball: in our feed right now.

Many West Papuan political activists today need to learn what is the meaning of our lives and the meaning of West Papua Papua independence struggle, and set aside “egoism” both personal ego and group ego, as this life that we have is too short to deal with too many side-events and unsubstantiated issues. And more importantly, we do not have a second life for coming back to continue and complete the struggle. We only have one life, and this one life is very short one. So we have to do something meaningful for our beloved motherland in this short time.

And more important of all, the ball is on our feet, it is now the time to strike, to watch so that Indonesia does not strike and score a goal in Melanesian countries, defeating Melanesian integrity as free people and undermining Melanesian sovereignty as a human race.

If we always wander around and thinking about how to satisfy our personal and group ego within West Papuans ourselves, then we should not claim ourselves as fighting for West Papua.We should declare ourselves fighting for our own self-fulfillment and self-realization. There is nothing wrong with this choice, however, the problem arises when we declare ourselves fighting for a free and independent West Papua, but we spend our time and energy in doing the something else, and worse doing just the opposite: hindering the struggle for freedom and independence.

From Central HQ of the West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) we encourage all parties to humble ourselves, set aside our personal and group ego, and focus on how to fight against Indonesian occupation and colonialism. Let us forget talking about other fellow Melanesians. We are not enemies. We are just different, by the way we think, by the way we want to carry out our work to free our country. We are born into different territories and tribes, grew up with different surroundings and environments, but we should all agree upon one thing: We all experienced that the presence of Indonesia is deadly. We all agree that Indonesia should get out from West Papua. We all agree that we should fight them out, not by asking them, not by begging them, but by fighting, by demanding, by pushing them out.

We can work from our one identity, one mission and one destiny. We still have the power of people behind us. Only when we forget about our personal and group egos, we will deliver what we are supposed to deliver: a free and independent West Papua, and today, to ensure West Papua become full member of the MSG, a member of PIF and West Papua is listed under the UN Decolonization List.

That is the ball, and the ball is in our feet today. Let us focus on “the ball”, not the side-events, let us forget what is outside the field, let us humble ourselves and surrender to God, and let Him do His will though us.

Focus on What You Can Do and What You Should Do was originally published on PAPUAPost.com


Lt. Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi: Congratulations Hon. Powes Parkop MP for Re-Election

From the Central Defense Headquarters of the West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) Lieutenant General Amunggut Tabi hereby would like to congratulate Hon. Powes Parkop MP for being re-elected as a Member of Parliament for a third term.

The relationships and cooperation between the Papuans in the western part of our New Guinea Island with Mr. Parkop started almost 30 years ago, when Mr. Parkop was a student In 2004, when Mr Parkop was a lawyer, I myself with my guard came to you, Mr Parkop, and encouraged you to become a politician. This was not a trick, it was an order from our supreme commander Mathias Wenda. He was the one who told us to come and tell you Mr. Parkop, to get involved in PNG Politics.

Through myself, he extended his gratitude for releasing him from PNG prisons. Many times my commander Gen. Wenda was arrested, and you helped his release many times. Gen. Wenda did not have anything to thank you. He just had an order, to let you know to campaign for a parliamentarian seat. He ordered me, “Do not come back here until he is elected as an MP. That is an order!”.

Well, I have carried our his many orders. But this time, I was not sure. I am not a politician, first of all, and secondly, I am now familiar with yourself, Mr. Parkop. I did not know how rationally how I will carry out the order. But I knew many miracles had happened to me, in carrying out his orders. I said to my ancestors and all the heroes who died already for the cause,

This is an order for us. Let us go together, Do not stay around here. You are spiritual beings, you are supposed to be powerful, omni-present, and you all must help me.

when I came to see you, I was on the way back from our fellow Melanesian brothers ni-Vanuatu, in the Republic of Vanuatu.

I was not sleeping well day and night. First of all, to make sure you will decide to campaign for an MP in PNG. It was at the right time, right person was ready. The Late Bill Skate passed away as the NCD Governor, and the city was about to hold a bi-election for the vacancy. In spiritual language, this is called, “co-incidence”, but modern people do not believe in it. We believe in it, we life in it, we breathe in it. I am true believer of a “co-incidence” and writing this letter is also another co-incidence.

Yes, I had in my hand some Euros cash, that Gen. Wenda himself gave me personally, and told me, “Do not count it, just deliver it to him!” Yes, I did just what he said. You remember, I handed that over to you one evening after you finished giving a talk, one of the preliminary campaign activities during your first time involvement in politics.

I stayed there with you, until I was assured and witnessed your own inauguration as the Governor of NCD (National Capital District) of our country Papua New Guinea. We also brought some elders all the way from West Papua. They told you,

“We bring out votes from West Papua. All those dead ones, and all Papuans in West Papua‘s votes are with us, in this bilum that we hand over to you.” then they gave you the Wamena Bilum.

Those elders are still alive, and they always talk about you.

I knew at the early stages during our short conversations, when you looked at me when I mentioned about the order. I knew that you did not want to believe this is a real order. But now three terms already you have been a politician, and I now hope you believe it, as it is real, not a plan, not a suggestion anymore.

Since then, I never seen you. Now is already over 10 years. I have never met you as a Governor, but I did meet you four times when you were a lawyer, preparing yourself to become a politician.

I know, as a politician, you are different from Lawyer Powes Parkop that I knew then, and that I can explain to myself here. But one thing that still the same is this, “Our struggle to free West Papua and Melanesia from colonialism and colonial influences.” Yes hat is right, because it is our right to do.

On behalf of our ancestors, our heroes who died already in the jungles and in the villages, those who are still alive today all the way from Sorong to Samarai, on behalf of our future generations, and in the name of God the Creator and Ruler of Melanesia,


Honourable Governor Powes Parkop MP


Humbly Yours,



Amunggut Tabi, Lt. Gen. WPRA

BRN: A.DF 018676

Personal Adviser to the WPRA Commander in Chief

Lt. Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi: Congratulations Hon. Powes Parkop MP for Re-Election was originally published on PAPUAPost.com